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At Midwest Finishing Inc., we specialize in electro-plating microcomponents and metal finishing for both standard and precious metals. Learn more here!

Our Process

Whether your project requires vibratory barrel plating, continuous coil plating, or racking, we are your plating experts. Learn More.

Our Capabilities

We’re always evaluating techniques, methods, and equipment to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry. Learn more here.

Your Industry Experts for Precious Metal Plating

At Midwest Finishing Inc., we specialize in electro-plating and metal finishing services, including:

  • Precious metal plating,
  • Microcomponent plating,
  • Custom masking/racking processes,
  • And the development of difficult parts

Our innovative solutions are available to manufacturers across industries and across the nation. Our team of microcomponent plating specialists build parts to your specifications, producing quality critical components with quick turnaround.

At Midwest Finishing, Inc., we’re not only committed not only to quality parts but also to producing those parts as responsibly and efficiently as possible. We meet the strictest environmental standards and partner with you to ensure that your part is exactly what you need.

You can be confident that you’ll get the highest quality products every time, because at Midwest Finishing, Inc., quality isn’t just important. Quality is everything. 

Quality Metal Plating and Finishing Services

We offer both individual part applications and continuous coil applications for a variety of metals. Learn more about our finishing services here.

Learn how our quality plating services can exceed your expectations! Request a quote today (763) 493-4540.

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